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The aim of Beers&Regions is to promote regional beer brands and thus support diversity against the uniformity of international players. 

The beginning

It all started with the meeting between a beer lover and a traditional brewer. Louis and Joeri have been working together since 2019 to support local beers because they believe in diversity in light of the growing uniformity of our global economy.

The challenge

On the one hand, Joeri, the brewer, no longer knew how to bring his beer and its history to the end consumer, without constantly being confronted with competition from the largest players in our country. On the other hand, the beer lover, Louis, barely knew which beers came from his own region and even less at which points of sale they were available.

Our ambition

Our ambition is therefore to promote local Belgian brewers and their local craft beers, both locally and nationally.

But how?

Six regional and tasty beers are selected and presented in quality packaging; a real discovery of different flavors. From the most traditional beers to contemporary beers, each with their own story. At the back of the box is also a map of the region's beer attractions. Thanks to the tips of a guide, you will discover the unusual places of Brussels - linked to beer. Of course with tastings as the highlight!

Our mission

With this joint project we try to strengthen and support each other. Thanks to this collaboration, we can raise awareness about the culture and expertise of Belgian beer in different regions. We believe in supporting local beers and therefore in the diversity of our Belgian heritage.

Would you also like to know more about the craft beers in your region?

Order a RegioBierbox now and discover it yourself !

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