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6 beer bottles of 33cl - Special selection of local craft beers brewed in Bruges - BELGIUM. Strong beer 5-9% ABV


Den Ijzeren Arm - Great, strong and ambitious

Four-grain triplet with Wostyn mustard seeds and fenugreek. Dryhopping with Styrian Goldings. 9%

Smokey Li - Smoked beer

Lightly smoked beer with Chinese tea, Lapsang Souchong, from Fujian. 8%


Bulnas Campa - Bio / organic beer

100% Organic beer with home-grown Lemon Verbena and Belgian hop. Surprisingly spicy. 6%

Prearis IPA- Multiple award-winning brewery

Full malt, 6 hop varieties and fruity with a pleasant bitter aftertaste. 6.7%


Libidus PEARL - Beer of love

Mysteriously spicy.
The palate of mild hops, 14 herbs, Physalis and Stevia translates into a true taste evolution with a malty aftertaste. 6.9%

De Witte Zwaan - Sweet touch of honey

White beer with chamomile and a sweet touch of Acacia honey. 5%



The brewing history of Bruges started in the 14th century with the lords of Gruuthuse, at that time Bruges had 54 breweries. Fun fact; The world's first beer pipeline is located in Bruges with a length of no less than 3 km. Discover the rich and authentic flavors of beers from Bruges today.

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