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6 beer bottles of 33cl - Special selection of local craft beers brewed in Brussels - BELGIUM. Strong beer 5-9% ABV

SAISON bottle.jpg

'La Saison de Bruxelles' - Blond beer 6% alc.

Easy to drink and very refreshing beer with fruty and floral aromas.   

Keekebisj - Blond triple beer 8%. 

Brewed with exotic hops for a subtle citrus fruit aroma. 

Keekebisj bottle.jpg
LA CAMBRE bottle.jpg

La Cambre - Blond beer 5.6%.

Its bitterness is subtle with a delicate dry point on the palate, its foam is fine and persistent, its low sugar content makes it very refreshing.

AREVER - Dual Amber 8%. 

Brewed from 3 kinds of malt and 3 kinds of hops. Double hopping: traditional and raw.

AREVER bottle.jpg

Libidus PEARL - Beer of love

Mysteriously spicy.
The palate of mild hops, 14 herbs, Physalis and Stevia translates into a true taste evolution with a malty aftertaste. 6.9%

Dikkenek - Blond beer 6.7%.

Unfiltered and no added sugars. A thirst beer, easy to drink and digestible. Sustained and persistent bitterness on the palate. Citrus notes and light exotic pineapple hint.

DIKKENEK bottle.jpg



At some point in the past, Brussels counted 120 craft breweries; many street names still refer to it: rue des Brasseurs, rue du Houblon, etc. Today, Brussels is proud of its many traditional and innovative (micro) breweries, such as Arever, l'Annexe, En Stoemelings, etc.

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