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6 beer bottles of 33cl - Special selection of local craft beers brewed in Ghent - BELGIUM. Strong beer 5-9% ABV


Libidus PEARL - Beer of love

Mysteriously spicy.
The palate of mild hops, 14 herbs, Physalis and Stevia translates into a true taste evolution with a malty aftertaste. 6.9%

Johannes - Pristine brewed blonde 

Sunny fermented blonde with shreds of fruit and a surprisingly bitter touch. Simplicity according to the time-honored Medieval tradition. The beer was named after the brewer. 6.5%


Crabbelaer BLONDE - Great beer from Ghent & Kortrijk in 1502-1622

Bitter and hoppy, complex flavor evolution by aromatic duo, trio of malt with fruity aromas and creamy collar. 7.5%

Rebelse Strop - Rebellious temperament like his big brother

Stubborn specialty beer full of character with a complex taste through the use of Brett Yeast. Fruity, hop bitter dark blonde with a slight acidity. 6.9%


Blondine IPA - Daughter of the Hopduvel

Gently bitter and hoppy blonde IPA. The American aroma hop, Amarillo, gives a fruity aroma of grapefruit and other citrus fruits. 8%

L'Arogante - Merger of 2 cities - La Roche & Ghent

Hoppiest IPA beer with attitude.

Three hop varieties provide a typical bitterness refined with unique fruity aromas. 7.2%



At the peak in the Middle Ages, the city of Ghent had more than 250 breweries with a beer production of more than 10,000,000 liters / year. The beer was usually brewed by abbeys and monasteries. The monks used the water of the 'Minnemeersgracht' mainly for brewing until the flourishing textile industry polluted the water. Fortunately, the water is clean today and the beer can flow again in Ghent.



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